General terms of sale


Acceptance : Orders taken by our agents or representatives are valid only if they have not been refused within a period of

three weeks (written confirmation).

Cancellation : Cancellation of an order can only be obtained with our agreement.

We reserve the right to cancel without notice orders from a defaulting party.

Rebate : Any rebate on orders implies unconditional acceptance of the conditions hereunder.

Invoicing : Each order account lower than 30 € (packing included and carriage in addition) will be invoiced 30 €.


No penalty may be claimed in the case of late delivery, as deadlines are only given as an indication.


Our goods travel at the customer's own risks. They are sold, ex. works BEAUREPAIRE, even in the case of

carriage paid deliveries.

Transport of goods returned and replaced remain the responsibility of the customer.


All our goods are payable at BEAUREPAIRE, net and without rebate, according to the conditions drawn up

between our Companies.

In the case of non-payment on the agreed due date :

_ The interests accrue without formal notice, at the lending rate of the Banque de France, plus 2 %.

_ All invoices and banker's drafts, as yet undue, are payable ipso jure.

Charges on unpaid and deferred drafts are always the Customer's responsibility.

In no case can delay in transport or non-receipt of merchandise be put forward to justify delay in payment.


Our products are guaranteed against any manufacturing defect.

This guarantee is expressly limited to the free replacement of the part recognised as faulty without any

participation whatsoever on our part in carriage expenses, whether removal or redelivery.

No costs of repair carried out by a third party may be taken into consideration.

Certain components of our products are guaranteed for 12 months from date of reception at destination

specified on the order.

Any claim concerning exclusively the quantity of merchandise must be formulated within eight days following

reception of delivery.

No guarantee is given for :

- breakage

- faulty assembly ( by any person outside the Société SARRAZIN)

- defective electricity supply (for the parts in question)

- normal wear of equipment

- deterioration due to negligence in equipment upkeep or use

- dismantling of equipment by any person outside the Société SARRAZIN


Each return of goods must have been previously agreed by our company.

Every merchandise must be returned with our own numbered document supplied on request.

Each good no previously listed and each good returned "carriage forward" will be refused.


Any dispute falls within the competence of the Commercial Court of Vienne, France, even in the case of liti

denunciation or plurality of defendants without the domiciliations of banker's draft effecting this Clause.


In compliance with the terms of the law n° 80.335 dated 12th May 1980, goods delivered remain our property

until total settlement of the price. The customer, however, accepts responsibility for loss, theft or destruction

from the moment the goods leave our workshops. Consequently he will bear all insurance costs concerning the

goods delivered.